Let's change the packaging foam industry. It's time to go bio-based.

Download our practical guide to learn more about packaging industry megatrends and our latest innovation Papira® that attempts to revolutionise the packaging foam industry. 

Recent years have seen the world wake up to the need for more sustainable ways of life in everything we do. Sustainability trends have started to shape the industry of packaging and will do so, at an increasing rate.

Stora Enso has used wood fibers to produce a more sustainable packaging foam than ever before. Papira® by Stora Enso is a lightweight cellulose foam for protecting and cushioning to be used in packaging. It has been designed to fit into a circular material stream and offers a biodegradable alternative for a wide range of end-uses.

Our practical guide examines

  • How megatrends are driving packaging change
  • Challenge: making packaging for and with our planet
  • How Papira® attempts to answer packaging industry challenges and megatrends
  • Piloting Papira® at the Stora Enso Fors plant