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Paperwork and waiting for the right elements instead of speed and accuracy on the construction site – does this sound like a familiar challenge?

The new CLT360+ app is designed to take projects from 3D model to site by allowing teams to easily identify and place construction elements.

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  • Why digital tools and wood construction go hand in hand 
  • How CLT360+ works in practice and solves challenges on your construction site
  • How the CLT360+ team developed a digital solution for smarter and more efficient element installation
  • How the app simplified the construction process in pilot cases 
  • Why CLT360+ is part of our vision for the development of wood construction in the future

Moderator: Pilvi Seppälä, Digital Product Manager, Stora Enso


- Kaarle Rasi, Digital Product Owner, Stora Enso

- Antto Kauhanen, Business Development Manager, Stora Enso

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