Perfect your print and save time with our Print Optimization Service

Is your current hard-proofing process time and money consuming? We can help you reach the best print result and save costs with our Print Optimization Service. The service uses the Stora Enso soft-proofing solution which enables printed product approval already in the pre-press phase without sending any hardproofs. This allows for an optimized print result within hours instead of days.

Softproofing video (In multiple languages - English, German, French, Italian and Spanish)

Softproofing presentation 2020 (English)

Softproofing presentation 2020 (Deutsch)

Softproofing Brochure English

Softproofing Brochure French

Softproofing Brochure German

Can you optimize the interaction between inks and paper further? Stora Enso offers the option to individually fingerprint profiles. In direct cooperation and under your printing conditions, set-ups can be optimized to your needs leading to a better print result and adjusted ink consumption.

The below document contains the scope of the ICC Profile creation, a pre-engagement
questionnaire and checklist in order to make sure all details are in place before profiling activity.

ICC Profile Scope Document (English)

ICC Profiling Brochure English

ICC Profiling Brochure French

ICC Profiling Brochure German

ICC Profiles 

Super Calendered (SC) Papers

PrimaPlus ICC Profile
PrimaPress ICC Profile

News & Book papers

Lux Cream ICC Profile
Vivid ICC Profile

Coated mechanical papers

StellaPress H & HB ICC Profile

Woodfree uncoated papers

BergaJet 90 gsm (HP T-230 A50 pigment inks) ICC Profile


Print & Paper

Learn more and build your expertise in our Print & Paper Academy

Do you want to know the whole story behind what it takes to create a printed product starting from the forest? Our Print & Paper Academy program covers the full value chain with five modules: sustainability, wood harvest, paper making, printing and converting, printed product. Participants can come from different backgrounds having various knowledge levels as the content will be adjusted to the attendees needs.

Application forms for March 2022 will soon be available here.

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