Reliable packaging is a critical enabler of food value chains, ensuring food is fresh and safe – important factors in limiting food waste. Packaging also factors into a product’s overall environmental impact, and while it contributes to food safety and sustainability, there are still many pressures facing the food systems that packaging can address.

Achieving real progress must occur both within and beyond our immediate value chain. We need to expand our thinking and consider a broader system-level approach, and so we’re asking: what can food packaging can do to minimize the hidden socioeconomic costs of our food systems?

Our new white paper, “Food packaging for better food systems,” addresses this question and more. Inside, you will find:

  • An overview of the pressures faced by present-day food systems and the hidden costs to global societies and economies
  • Discussion of 4 focus areas and 13 impact opportunities to unlock the contribution of food packaging for better food systems
  • How packaging can play a role in critical shifts, like transitions to healthy diets and improved efforts to reduce waste
  • A call for action to achieve positive outcomes regarding food system transformations

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