Well-designed packaging supports the sustainability of our food systems by protecting food and preventing waste. However, the full picture of packaging sustainability begins with the raw material.  

Today, a strong drive to substitute fossil-based plastic in food packaging with renewable alternatives is being steered by several stakeholder groups. In particular, brand owners are compelled by consumer demand and expanding regulations to consider renewable and recyclable packaging materials.

This packaging landscape where circular solutions are preferred is frequently changing, but what does it look like today? And what do brand owners and retailers need to know about adapting to a fiber-based future? A new guide from Stora Enso Packaging Materials lays the groundwork for this topic and offers insights into making the switch to renewable packaging substitutions.

A resource for brand owners, retailers, and anyone else interested in learning more about renewable food packaging, this guide includes:

  • A primer on the sustainability benefits of fiber-based packaging
  • The process of switching to renewable fiber-based food packaging material
  • Market insights and examples of food packaging end-uses where fiber-based packaging is already helping brand owners meet circularity targets
  • A discussion on packaging regulations and how innovation is addressing future requirements


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