After a long period of disruption caused by the pandemic, the hospitality industry can finally see opportunities to rebound. However, as businesses are preparing to reopen and restart, a new challenge awaits. From restaurants to hotels and theme parks – labor shortage has become a cause that hinders the full recovery and rapid growth of the hospitality industry. Overcoming this challenge calls for quick adaptation and willingness to evolve with the market conditions.

In this article we will share

  • A snapshot of the current labor shortage situation in the European hospitality market.
  • Some of the key causes behind the increasing labor shortage challenge.
  • How modern self-service technologies can support in easing the demand for labor availability.
  • We will introduce an innovative self-service solution, Selfly Store by Stora Enso, and present a few real use-cases, where customers have successfully deployed Selfly Store to overcome labor shortage challenges.

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