Communicating the eco features of packaging

There’s a new competitive frontier for eco packaging

As global temperatures keep rising, consumers are becoming more aware of what and how they consume. People are educating themselves about the environmental impacts of the products they consume and the materials they use. 

This has opened up a new competitive frontier among brands, as consumers evaluate products based on their environmental performance. When making everyday choices, consumers look for simplicity and ways to reduce complexity in their decision-making.

The winners are those brands that make it easy for consumers to choose packaging for an eco-friendly lifestyle. But how to communicate the eco features of packaging?

Our new eco icon guide covers the following topics:

  • A new competitive frontier for eco packaging
  • Background from Stora Enso’s study on eco-conscious consumers
  • The benefits of renewable materials
  • Eco icons and their definitions

Download the guide and unlock the potential of eco icons to increase brand value!