Replacing plastics with a package
that saves both nature and costs.

EcoFishBox™ is an awarded and patended fish packaging solution with both economical and environmental benefits.

Being a recyclable and renewable package, the fibre-based EcoFishBox helps combat the existing problem of plastic waste that is polluting our seas and the fish that lives in them.

  • EcoFishBox is available in four standard sizes (2.5, 5, 10 and 20 kg)
  • Can be fitted with three kinds of lids
  • Choose between ready print or custom-branded design

"We were a bit sceptic on thermal insulation and
water resistance but after extensive trials
EcoFishBox proved successful”

- CEO Kalaneuvos V.Hukkanen Oy

Automise to save space, time and costs

Choose between manually and mechanically constructed solutions, where our packaging automation systems can be seamlessly implemented in your current operation flow.

  • Up to 60 – 80% savings in waste handling, transportation and recycling costs
  • Convenient collection and recycling system
  • Reduced need for storage space
  • Savings in transport costs
  • Possibilities for packaging automation
  • Additional option of automised ice packing with EcoFishBox™ IcePacker

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