In this life cycle study you can read about how two different fish packages of different materials, EcoFishBox™ and expanded polystyrene (EPS) packages are compared against each other.

This study was conducted by Stora Enso and LCA Consulting Oy in 2018.  The study has undergone a critical review by an independent 3rd party panel consisting of 4 experts from the Finnish Technology Research Centre (VTT) and Finnish Enviromental Institute (SYKE).

Life cycle Assessment- EcoFishbox and styrofoam packagingLCA considers the whole life cycle

A LCA study where EcoFischBox™ and expanded polystyrene (EPS), two different fish packaging compared against each other and analyzed throughout the product life cycle. A study in which the aim was to produce a reliable and transparent report to compare and assess the environmental impact of these two products, from raw material, energy, emissions and recycling.

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