Why choose Stora Enso pulp?

Made from a tree

Anything made from fossil-based materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. This is our business idea. In the coming years, wood- and bio-based solutions will be used in all sorts of new ways. But already today, sustainable pulp is used for your everyday needs:

  • Hygiene wipes
  • Cosmetic tissues
  • Diapers and femcare
  • Toilet paper, tissue paper..etc.

Explore one of the world’s widest selections of market pulp. Our pulp is used to make a range of products people rely on every day – and to help the health of our planet in innovative ways. Find out more

Products made from renewable materials help combat global warming. Your choice matters. 

Looking for our product certificates?

Stora Enso is global supplier with activities all over the world. We publish our mill-specific certificates in our download center.

You will find these certificates :

  • PEFC™ and FSC® forest certification
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Quality and environmental management
  • Energy management

Trees grow back

Nothing goes to waste

To make the most of the renewable material from the forest, nothing from a harvested tree goes to waste. It‘s used for sawn wood, pulp or energy. Often parts from one single tree are used for different purposes by different end users. Even the sawdust and bark are taken care of.

Interested in finding out more?

Producing pulp sustainably

The environmental work at our mills, including water and energy management and resource efficiency, is supported by third-party-certified environmental management systems. Stora Enso’s operations utilise to a large extent renewable biomass fuels from forest and process residuals, which means that the proportion of carbon neutral CO2 emissions in our total emissions is high. In 2019 for example, 81% of the total direct and indirect CO2 emissions from our own operations were carbon neutral. Find out more.

Renewable, bio-based and biodegradable

Sustainability as a priority

Sustainability at Stora Enso covers the social, environmental, and economic responsibility of our operations throughout the value chain, with human rights integrated into all that we do. We create a renewable future with sustainable forestry.

We always replant more trees than we harvest. We protect biodiversity in our forests and plantations. 100% of the wood is traceable to its area of origin. We never turn natural forests into plantations; our plantations are mostly based on degraded land. Find out more about our sustainability agenda