Finding the perfect fit

Download our white paper to learn how to choose fibre-based packaging material that best fits your end-use and supports the circular economy.

Wood fibre-based material is preferred by many for its composition of renewable raw material, recyclability, performance, and consumer preference. The choice between fresh and recycled fibres in packaging is often seen as a simple either-or decision but in reality, the choice is multifaceted; the best material depends on the product that will be packaged and several other conditions.

This guide provides an overview of fresh and recycled fibres as material for packaging and explores key considerations for a variety of end-uses when choosing between the two.

Download our white paper to learn about:

  • The most common considerations when choosing between fresh and recycled fibres in packaging
  • Which fibre type is right for me and examples from pharmaceutical, e-commerce, and food end-uses
  • The challenges and opportunities for improving packaging material circularity

This white paper was developed in consultation with leading experts within the Packaging Materials Division at Stora Enso including sustainability managers, LCA specialists, product developers, and others.

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