The future of electric cars is powered by trees

Download our white paper on how Stora Enso is harnessing the power of trees to make a new kind of battery anode for electric vehicles.

EVs are helping make transport more efficient and less reliant on fossil fuels. But what about the batteries that power these cars? What if they could be made with renewable materials?

Next-generation charging with Lignode® by Stora Enso

Batteries made from trees may sound fanciful – but Stora Enso has made it a reality with a viable commercial solution using a sidestream from cellulose fiber production. Lignode® is set to provide manufacturers with faster charging, more sustainable production methods and more resistance to cold temperatures.

Our white paper examines:
  • How electrification will drive an increase in battery production in coming years
  • Why production processes need to switch to more sustainable materials
  • How Lignode® enables batteries to be powered using pulp by-products

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