Fully bio-based binders for safe and healthy everyday living

We would like to introduce to you our latest innovation NeoLigno® by Stora Enso, show you parts of the team and resources behind this achievement as well as share with you important insights gathered so far.

NeoLigno® by Stora Enso, is a fully bio-based binder system without formaldehyde and isocyanate, thus, providing healthier indoor and working environments. NeoLigno® has recently been launched for application areas particle-board and mineral wool insulation. This break-through innovation utilizes the unique potential of lignin.

During the webinar, you will find out more about:

  • Home of NeoLigno® by Stora Enso – the biomaterials division
  • Important insights gathered about our latest innovation NeoLigno®, a bio-based binder without formaldehyde and isocyanate
  • A guided tour in our laboratory in Stockholm

The webinar will feature the following Stora Enso experts:



Learn more how you can utilize NeoLigno