Explore Building Concepts by Stora Enso

The workplaces of the future are made of wood

Sustainable and efficient, office buildings constructed with wood enhance occupants' health and wellbeing. Everything you need to know about using massive wood in office buildings is included in our unique design manual. 

If you’re a designer, contractor or building developer, the 88-page manual shows the possibilities of constructing office buildings from wood - from grid planning and service coordination to cost considerations.

The Office buildings design manual contains information including:

  • Why build an office in wood
  • Architectural design guidelines
  • Component and product details 
  • Structure guidelines
  • Design considerations regarding acoustics, fire safety and HVAC
  • Cost considerations 
  • Case studies with structural drawings and sustainability analyses

Download the manual now and get inspired! Learn about practicalities and find answers to frequently asked questions about  massive wood construction.