Sustainable raw materials

Want to find out about third-party evidence of the superior environmental performance of our paper products? Find out below.

Please contact Magnus Deinzer for more information.


Sustainable products

Want to find out about third-party evidence of the superior environmental performance of our paper products? Find out below.

Please contact Magnus Deinzer or Elina Skerfe for more information.

In co-operation with distributors and industry associations, leading pulp, paper and paperboard manu­facturers have developed a uniform product declaration format – the Paper Profile. Issued for individual products, the single-page decla­ration gives essential information regarding the composition of the product, key environmental parameters, environmental management and wood procure­ment.

Environmental matters are complex and specific figures cannot always be compared without taking other environmental aspects into account on a larger scale e.g. site specific considerations. Furthermore, different pulp, paper and paperboard manu­facturing processes have different environmental impacts and there­fore cannot always be directly compared.

Paper Profile website - environmental product declaration for paper


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100% of Paper segments own graphic paper brands are covered by one or more ecolabels – EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Blue Angel. These ecolabels cover paper production on life cycle basis and provide third-party evidence of the excelling environmental performance of our paper products.

Nordic Swan Ecolabel’s paper portal (official list of inspected papers)

EU Ecolabel website

Blue Angel website


Langerbrugge Mill
Blue Angel Certificate EnviMatt
Blue Angel Certificate EnviPress
Blue Angel Certificate Newspress
Blue Angel Certificate PubliPress
EU Ecolabel Certificate


Anjala Mill
EU Ecolabel Certificate

Stora Enso Paper segment calculates the Carbon Footprints of its paper products, following the manual adopted by EURO-GRAPH to guide companies to prepare their data sets in line with the "Framework for the Development of Carbon Footprints for Paper and Board Products", developed by CEPI.

On request, we provide more detailed Carbon Footprints as well as information about transport related emissions.

Book & Directory papers
Coated mechanical papers
Uncoated mechanical papers
Newsprint papers

On request, we compile Declarations of Compliance to offer a comprehensive set of paper conformity information in one document. The declarations are provided for non-food contact papers and they contain compliance data in relation to selected regulations, information on certain substances in paper and about certified management systems at the manufacturing paper mill.

Stora Enso’s obligations under REACH are as a manufacturer of articles and substances and as a downstream user. To inform our customers about our products’ status in relation to the restricted and regulated substances, we offer REACH statements of our mills, which are regularly updated as legislation develops.

REACH Stora Enso Anjala Mill (Jun 22)

REACH information of Langerbrugge mill will be provided upon request.

Myths & Facts about paper

Technical Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheets can be found in product page related to the following end use areas on the Stora Enso website:

Advertising print

Book papers

Magazine papers

Newsprint papers

Speciality papers


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