Watch our webinar where we share and discuss key findings from a white paper recently published by Stora Enso Packaging Materials, “Food packaging for better food systems.”

Fiber-based materials already enable low-impact food packaging, but there are larger issues in our food systems that our materials can address. Food production and consumption will change over the coming years, and we need to rethink the role of food packaging in the wider food system.  

In this webinar, thought leaders from Stora Enso and Systemiq, a change consultancy, will engage in a conversation addressing this reality and cover impact opportunities for food industry collaboration. We will also offer expert perspectives on food packaging innovation – an important contributor to unlocking systems change. 

We will highlight: 

  • Pressures faced by present-day food systems and the hidden costs to global societies and economies 
  • How packaging can play a role in critical shifts, like transitions to healthy diets and improved efforts to reduce waste 
  • External perspectives on food systems challenges and other important enablers to fulfilling impact opportunities