What makes fiber-based packaging material different in terms of sustainability performance? To find the answer, it’s important to understand the complete journey of wood fibers.  

“The circular journey of wood fibers: from forest to packaging – and beyond,” a new guidebook from Stora Enso Packaging Materials, gives insight into a wood fiber’s journey from its beginnings in sustainably-managed forests, through its transformation into packaging material, and finally to its end-of-life where fibers are collected and recycled.

In this guidebook, we cover the journey in four steps with topics including:

  • Our approach to sustainable forest management and biodiversity
  • The material production process and decarbonization success stories  
  • The role of packaging producers in ensuring value chain sustainability
  • Consumer recycling behavior and engaging consumers on handling packaging waste responsibly 

To follow the journey and explore product cases, learn about the role of innovation and design in shaping circular packaging, and discover our services beyond material production, download the guidebook by filling out the form. 

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