Reuse is a dominant topic in current conversations about packaging. Consumers, brand owners, and retailers alike speculate about a future where refilling everyday products like food, home, and personal care goods is commonplace. But how do these stakeholders envision reusable packaging programs in action, and how does it compare to their feelings about recyclable packaging?

To gain deeper insight into this subject, we recently surveyed 7000 consumers across seven European countries. Our findings are now available for download.

In this study, we answer questions including:  
  • How do consumers define reusable packaging, and do they view recycling as its own form of reuse?
  • How do factors like hygiene and convenience factor into consumers’ positivity toward reuse?
  • What is consumers’ preferred packaging format for products like fresh produce, laundry detergent, and takeaway coffee?
  • To what extent do consumers want retailers and restaurants to embrace reusable packaging?

Finally, we discuss how brand owners and retailers can be sure of their packaging’s sustainability credentials no matter which format they ultimately choose. 

To read a selection of findings from the study, download your copy now.

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