Watch the webinar where experts from across the value chain meet to discuss current trends driving corrugated packaging for fresh food end-uses. As an example of a large producer of fresh fruits, we will explore the corrugated packaging market in Spain. 

We will offer both the material provider and converter perspectives in this panel discussion and highlight: 

  • Corrugated packaging’s sustainability and fit for demanding fresh food end-uses, and what brand owners need to know 
  • How material providers and converters can work together to help fresh food brand owners meet their sustainability targets 
  • What’s driving fresh and recycled fiber-based corrugated packaging demand in Spain 
We will also share insights from a recent LCA conducted by Stora Enso comparing the environmental impact of corrugated crates to a reusable plastic alternative. 

Leopoldo-1Leopoldo Santorromán is the President of La Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Envases y Embalajes de Cartón Ondulado (AFCO), or the Spanish Association of Corrugated Paperboard Packaging Manufacturers. He is also the President and MD of Cartonajes Santorromán, a manufacturer of corrugated products based in Spain.


PM_webinar_bio_MarjukkaMarjukka Kujanpää, Director Sustainability, Head of the Centre for Excellence in Packaging Sustainability (CEPS), Stora Enso Packaging Materials. She is a resident expert in Life Cycle Assessment with over 14 years of experience across several industries, technologies, processes, and products. She has focused on environmental and sustainability impacts of paper and board products and packaging with special consideration for the whole value chain and its impacts.

VictorVictor de Paredes, Sales Manager South Europe, Stora Enso Packaging Materials. He has over 20 years of experience in renewable packaging sales and marketing, promoting competitive sustainable solutions in Europe and Latin America and raising awareness of packaging compliance with end user’s requirements.




PM_webinar_bio_Dan-1Dan Koltonuk, Communications Manager, Stora Enso Packaging Materials