From plastic to paperboard – how can Trayforma help you reduce your environmental impact?

Every single day consumers around the world use tens millions of PET plastic trays. What would it mean for our planet if they would be substituted by trays made from paperboard? Based on a critically reviewed LCA study, this calculator helps you to understand the difference. Test the calculator to see it for yourself!

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How much your environmental impact is reduced with Trayforma:

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Less plastics

This calculator is based on a critically reviewed LCA study and meant to give an indicative calculation of the environmental impacts.

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How can you make an impact on consumers, not on the environment?

TrayformaTM by Stora Enso is the original paperboard material for trays: a winning combination of outstanding environmental performance, great technical performance and premium product presentation.

Many leading brands have already made the switch from plastic to renewable paperboard. The reason is simple: they care about the future of their consumers, their brands, their businesses and most importantly the future of the planet. Made from sustainably sourced renewable resources, Trayforma will help you fight climate change and reduce our dependence on finite fossil resources.

  • Low carbon: light-weight and bio-based to reduce plastic
  • Made from sustainably sourced, renewable tree fibers
  • Guaranteed safe for direct food contact and in high-heat
  • Highly formable into demanding tray-shape
  • Premium product presentation: printable without separate sleeves


The alternative to ready-meal plastic packaging

We asked our sustainability expert Marjukka Kujanpää tough and topical questions on the issue of plastic versus paperboard.

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Get the big picture

LCA study-based environmental impacts of Trayforma and plastic illustrated with an infographic.


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